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How to find the strength to continue living (When it’s difficult to plan the future)

It is not always possible to live as before but you can live in another way


People who are fine and war didn’t impact them make me feel unfairness

Our psychology work in a way when everything new we percept with caution


What to do when you can't sleep? Breathing exercises for sleep

It is not always possible to live as before. It will never be the same, but it will be different.


The war changed everyone's life

Everyone feels anxiety. It is difficult to plan for the future and control your emotions. But we need to move on and improve our mental health.

Not everyone has an opportunity to deal with a therapist. And there are so many problems that there will not be enough psychologists for everyone.

Therefore, we decided to help Ukrainians solve psychological problems at the basic level to start thinking processes.

Noworry is a platform that helps Ukrainians cope with the psychological problems caused by the terrible war.

Our mission is simple:

We want to help Ukrainians improve their mental health and raise their spirits

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Project team

Previously, we worked on creating an application that helps deal with stress based on cognitive-behavioural therapies for the US market.

But the war changed everything, so we created solutions for Ukrainians. Ukrainian psychologists joined us and we recorded podcasts on topics that concern everyone during the war.

For everyone, who gave up hope and lost heart. Who can’t control the anxiety. Who doesn’t know what to do in future. Who can’t adapt to the new reality. Who can’t manage their emotions.

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To solve more problems, we need more professionals. We don't have enough time to create therapy podcasts. So we need

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Podcasts are free for Ukrainians. Our team works on a volunteer basis. Please support us

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